How do I improve myself on my learning English journey?

January 16, 2022

In this article, I tell about my journey of learning the English language. We will consider four main topics here, these are;

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Reading


In order to improve my English speaking practice, I take private lessons 2 days a week, half an hour a day. In our meeting, we talk about everyday topics and general interview questions. If you want to take a private lesson for speaking practice, you can contact me. Other suggestions for speaking practice.

  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Learn the natural flow of English
  • Build English speaking confidence
  • Speech shadowing
  • Self-talk
  • Think in English
  • Retell a story in English
  • Participate in public speaking events
  • Go to language cafes
  • Using apps
  • Chat with Siri


I improve my English listening ability, by following English courses and training related to my department and I have made it a habit. Watching a tutorial in English helps us learn their pronunciation. In addition, if there are things that I do not understand, especially while listening, I look up their meanings and pronunciation using google translate.


I love taking notes while learning something new and I keep my notes sometimes in English. In this way, I have improved my English both in writing and technically. I have been writing articles on my blog for one month. This both excites me and causes me to constantly keep myself alive for writing in English. Finally, I use the Cambridge Grammar books series of educational books to improve my writing and reading skills. The book explains the subject on the left page and gives practice on the right.


I use a Chrome extension that displays popular and current articles, and I try to read at least one article a week. As a result, I both reinforce what I have learned and continue to learn new things. Apart from that, I read English books related to my field and I prefer to use English resources when I research something.

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