In ProgressSmall HTML & CSS & JavaScript Projects in React

Small HTML & CSS & JavaScript Projects in React

Small HTML, CSS and JavaScript projects developed by using React, TailwindCSS, StyledComponents, Airbnb config.

Stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, TailwindCSS, Styled Components, Airbnb config
CompletedReact Portfolio with TailwindCSS

React Portfolio with TailwindCSS

This project is a great way to learn all about Tailwind's utility classes, taking a mobile first approach dark/light mode, and more.

Stack: TailwindCSS, NextJS, ReactJS

    CompletedMagic Quadrant

    Magic Quadrant

    Magic Quadrant is a scatter chart develop by Gartner to visualize major players in a specific market

    Stack: React, TypeScript, Styled Components, JavaScript


    • X-axis (Completeness of Vision): represents relative innovation level.
    • Y-axis (Ability to Execute): represents relative financial maturity.
    CompletedExpense Tracker

    Expense Tracker

    In this project I use hooks (useState, useContext, useReducer) and the context API.

    Stack: React, Context API, State Management

      CompletedKaria Endustri

      Karia Endustri

      On the home page of this website, information is given about Karia Endustri Company. In the section of products, the materials that are actively sold are promoted. The reason why Gatsby library was chosen especially for technology stack selection is that it is a static website and does not require frequent data updates.

      Stack: Gatsby, CSS, JavaScript, AWS Amplify, Strapi

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